Moving Tips

Be Move Ready

Having everything in boxes and ready to go will help make your move quick and easy. 

Label Everything

Keeping your boxes labeled and organized will help make your unpack a breeze and will help us put all your boxes where they belong.

Separate Your Fragile Items

The best way to protect fragile glass, antiques, and other items is to keep them separate from the rest of your boxes and furniture. It's also important to make sure your movers know a box contains fragile items so we can pack it accordingly.

Keep Pathways Clear

Making sure both yourself and your movers have plenty of space to walk is important when trying to keep your stuff, your movers, and yourself from getting hurt.

Use Boxes Properly

Do not over pack your boxes to be too heavy. This can lead to boxes bottoming out and can put a lot of strain on your back. It is also just as important to not under fill your boxes too! Leaving too much space in a box can result in boxes getting crushed during a move.




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